Agriculture is mainstay of the Pakistan’s economy. One-fourth of the total out put, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 44 percent total employment is generated by Agriculture. 67.5 percent of the Country’s population is living in rural areas which are directly or indirectly linked with Agriculture for their livelihood.

The Economic development of Sindh largely depends on the progress and growth of Agriculture sector. The province of Sindh contributes significantly towards the overall national agriculture production in major crops: 41% in National Rice Production, 31% in National Sugarcane Production, 14.8 % in National Cotton Production, and 21 % in National Wheat Production.

In the province of Sindh for the development of Agriculture, Department is working through Agriculture Research, Agriculture Extension, Agriculture Engineering and Water Management, Sindh Seed Corporation and Cane Commissioner. For the development of Agriculture Sector and sustainable Agricultural economy the department is taking efforts for the Modernization of Agriculture Research, Advancement of Mechanized Agriculture, Strong market information system, Improved Agriculture Extension services, Water management, supply of good seeds and other facilities.

The Agriculture Extension is disseminating Modern Agriculture Information to the Growers including new varieties of Seeds, Fertilizers, Pesticide, Farm Machinery on one hand and on other hand providing knowledge regarding Weather, Pest, Diseases and control measures. The Agriculture Extension wing is also taking action against the Business of sub standard pesticide and Fertilizer to ensure availability of quality pesticides and fertilizers to the Growers.

The Agricultures officers and Field staff of the Agriculture Extension is in direct contact with the Growers and providing timely advises to them.

The messages and modern Information are transferred to Growers through Multimedia, Radio, Television, News papers, Magazine, Agricultural Seminars, Farmer days, Mobile Agriculture Cinema shows etc.

The Agriculture Research wing is taking efforts for the inventions of new seed varieties having quality of better yields, new managements regarding insects, diseases of crop and their control. The Agriculture Research is providing soil and water testing facilities at district level in the entire Sindh to guide farmers regarding their soils, proper fertilizer recommendations and water quality. Work on Tissue culture has been started to provide with farmers disease free banana suckers in entail stage.

The Agriculture Engineering & Water Management Wing of the Agriculture Department is providing bulldozers on rent to the farmers for the development of the soils. Other agricultural machinery on subsidized rates are also available for the farming community to promote mechanize farming in Sindh. Watercourses improvement program is a major portion of this wing in which more then 33000 watercourses will be completed.

The Sindh Seed Corporation has been restored to provide certified seed of Wheat, Cotton and Paddy to get more yields per acre.

Along with all above Cane Commissioner Office, Hyderabad is serving for the sugarcane growers according to the Sugar Factories Control Act. In this regard Cane Commissioner Office is playing its better role in Sugarcane harvesting, rates of Sugar Cane, utilization of Sugarcane fund and problems of Sugar cane Growers.